Sturdi Deluxe Cantilever Parasol with Base

Our Deluxe Cantilever Parasols are just stunning. Made by Stürdi the UK’s leading Parasol Manufacturer. They come complete with a night cover which includes an extending pole making it easy to put on and take off the cover. This Parasol is very tall! Using Aluminium, the large section frame is extremely strong and elegant with two winding handles. One handle raises and lowers the parasol and the other allows the parasol to be tilted in any direction. There is also a pedal at the base of the parasol allowing it to turn 360° which is very useful when following the sun’s rays.

Water/Sand Filled Stürdi Parasol

Base on Wheels No maintenance required, this 100kg base is perfect for large cantilever parasols where a good weight is required to stop the parasols from toppling over. Easy to use; just fill the base with water and when full it the base weighs 100kg. If you need to add extra weight to your Stürdi Parasol Base include some sand with the water. Stürdi Parasol Base feature concealed 'Braked Swivel' wheels which make manoeuvring your base to its required position easy Stürdi Parasol Bases are the largest selling parasol bases in the UK.


  • All Aluminium
  • Main Pole size 50 x 78mm x 1.6mm thick tubing
  • Ribs 14 x 24mm
  • Fabric 250-gram colour fast level 6 waterproof.
  • Plastic water filled Base with wheels, capacity 100kg
  • Parasol Night Cover


  • 3m Round
  • 3.5m Round
  • 3m x 3m Square

Available in the following finishes

Weaves & Colours


Sturdi Deluxe Cantilever Parasol with Base

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