Seville 8 Seater Round Fire Pit Table Set

  • Product Code: 135cm | 180cm
  • Style: Dining

Another new addition to the Katie Blake range is Fire Pit Tables.

Seville 8 Seater Round Fire Pit Table Set

These lovely dining tables boast a large gas fire pit in the centre. There is plenty of extra space to dine using the table but the fire pit adds something special to the furniture and the atmosphere when using the set. The fire pit allows you to keep you and your guests warm well into the evening, adding light and heat to your outside space.

Our gas firepit tables operate using Patio Gas Bottles. These are the green bottles filled with propane. It is important to get a Green Patio Gas Bottle as this is compatible with the clip-on regulator we supply with our systems. You should buy a 5kg bottle as these fit inside the table. Our firepit systems are CE Certified and manufactured using grade 304 stainless steel ensuring they are weatherproof and made to the highest quality. The system used in this set is rated at over 50,000 BTUs and provides ample heat, light and ambience for the surrounding area.

Several sizes and shapes of tables can be purchase. Our smaller tables do not take a fire pit as there is not enough space. By using the control panel under the table top you can adjust the flames to either give you about 6 hours on full flame to almost double that at a lower setting.


135cm Round Grey
135cm Round Natural
180cm Round Grey
180cm Round Natural

Please Note

  • A Triple AAA battery is required for the gas starter.
  • The Gas Fire Table needs simple assembly using bolts, an Allen Key is provided.
  • Only finger tight the table screws until all bolts are located.
  • The on/off switch needs bolting to the table and the Fire Pit Glass needs some small assembly.
  • All necessary tools are provided; the assembly is very easy.

Available in the following finishes

Weaves & Colours


Weaves & Colours


Seville 8 Seater Round Fire Pit Table Set

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